Your Educators

So who are we, exactly? Here are your illustrious hosts, guiding you through these tricky pop culture waters.

IMG_20170314_224119_677Martha Sullivan: Teen librarian by day, super nerd by night. The first in line to fangirl over strong ladies in fiction, you can find her in the audience at every summer blockbuster with a robot or a superhero in it. Also she reads a lot of comics, owns two guinea pigs, and plays all the games. All of them.

Find her on the web at @magicalmartha (Twitter and Instagram)

IMG_3723Pete Rhomberg: Lead editor at a cutting-edge digital curriculum company. Consumes a lot of pop culture while experimenting in the kitchen, which he admits might not be the best way to do it. Books, comics, movies, TV, music, podcasts, board games –he’s an omnivorous consumer of culture. Likes: history. Dislikes: math.

Find him on the web at @piko3000 (Twitter)



Calee Schouten: Data analyst, animation expert and real life Disney Princess (just ask her two cats).

Find her on the web at @trickylemon (Instagram)