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Episode 36: Zombies As Metaphor

The homework for the episode:
Martha: Feed, 2010 novel by Mira Grant
Pete: The Girl With All the Gifts, 2016 film directed by Colm McCarthy
Austin: Warm Bodies, 2013 film directed by Jonathan Levine

In a post-zombie world, one blog conglomerate gets the prize job of covering the campaign trail for a Presidential candidate and discover a conspiracy that runs deeper than they could ever imagine.

Children infected by the zombie fungus in the womb may hold the key to saving the human race…unless they decide they’d rather fight for their own survival.

A zombie saves the life of a human girl and changes everything when his dead heart begins beating once again.

Zombies are EVERYWHERE and now they’re on this podcast. Come, let us tell you ways in which we are finding them interesting in this zombie-saturated pop culture landscape.

Your podcasters’ credentials:

Pete: Weird Al’s 77 songs mashup
Martha: Supernatural rewatch
Austin: Trollhunters on Netflix

Listen, y’all, I’m going to be real: it’s about midnight and I have to get up in five hours to drive for about 12, so let’s pretend I wrote something clever in here about how we get into the particulars of zombie media. Just listen to the ep, ok?


Next episode we’re taking it light in the spirit of summer vacation, and taking a bit of a recess to talk about what we’ve been watching and consuming this summer. Our ups, downs, recommendations and what you should stay away from. We may have a guest, who knows!

Your homework for July 18 is to kick it and watch some fauxtige television of your choice. Maybe catch a showing of Ant-Man and the Wasp if you’re feeling ambitious.

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