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Episode 10.5: Extra Credit

This is not a full episode of our show! Do to personal circumstances, we were not able to record our full Episode 11 for all of our fabulous listeners. In order to bring you the best content possible, we’re shifting the schedule back a week and giving you an extra credit episode to listen to.

We do partial credentials, but really, we’re all about Wonder Woman today.

Click here for the review by David Edelstein that I refer to. Here also is Edelstein’s rebuttal of sorts to his criticisms, which is part explanation and part apology, and which I don’t really buy but am presenting in the interest of fairness.

A word on Fox News’ absurd reaction to the movie at Entertainment Weekly, written by Derek Lawrence, is here.

Click here to read about how all the Amazons are played by real life Strong Ladies.

Episode 11 airs on June 14!



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