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Episode 37: Summer Blockbusters

Hey guys! You may have noticed there was no blog post for our last episode. That’s because I was feeling like lazy trash through most of the month of July, and I am sorry for that! To make up for it, here’s a link to our episode from July 18, which has a lot of whining about SOLO and also some good book and music recommendations from your favorite Millennial podcasters.

Additionally, I have YET ANOTHER good good new episode! In this one, we talk about summer blockbusters, what makes a movie a blockbuster, and how unfair it is that people tend to think poorly of big budget action movies that come out in the summer. I have a lot of feelings about movies with big robots in them (we didn’t even TALK about Transformers, what is wrong with me??).

Our credentials:

Pete: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Martha: Castle Rock on Hulu

I get into my Stephen King feels again and recommend Castle Rock if you enjoy spooky small-town Maine and/or Andre Holland (and Bill Skarsgaard, I guess). Pete saw the last Mission Impossible movie, which is a good lead-in to our main subject, considering neither of us got a chance to see Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Next episode, we’re also taking on a subject that does not appear to have any academic value: reality TV! Why are we as a culture so fascinated by reality TV and the wanna-be stars that make it possible? Why will I be watching The Bachelorette finale with rapt attention? We may never know the answer to that last question, but we can at least make an attempt that the others.

Friend of the show Lizzie Buehler will be joining us! Fun times!

Your homework for August 15:

Martha: An episode of The Great Food Truck Race
Pete: An episode of The Great British Bake-Off
Lizzie: The Bachelorette finale
Extra credit: An episode of your reality TV poison (I know you have one)



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