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It Was a Sick Day, and an Episode on Nostalgia

Hey guys: I set this sucker to publish about two weeks ago, and for reasons I don’t fully understand it did not. So, here’s the Sick Day episode we recorded as well as our most recent episode from last week. Thank you for your patience!

So, first: Martha was sick and had no voice a while ago, so we were unable to record. Instead of missing a week, Pete cut together a placeholder track where we gab about His Dark Materials with guest Sarah Shaw.

Second, Maren returns to the podcast to discuss Nostalgia, musicals, rose colored glasses, and why “the good old days” is an excuse to be sexist and racist!

Return guest and friend of the pod Sarah Caputo joins us next time to get into one of Martha’s favorite topics: TRUE CRIME.

The Homework
Pete: A Very Fatal Murder podcast
Martha: In Cold Blood, 1966 true crime book by Truman Capote
Sarah: Zodiac, 2007 film by David Fincher about the hunt for the Zodiac killer

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